Theologian Penelope Washbourn sets the scene for exactly those times when pastors like to hear from members: “My conviction is that religious questions and reflections about the meaning of what is holy or ultimate arise at times of crisis in the life of the individual and of the community. These crises may be historical or personal events, but because of them we are forced to respond to a new situation. The question of the meaning of our identity and our attitude toward life is challenged. A crisis is a time of change, anxiety and possibility. Something new happens, and we summon resources from the past, as well as discover new strengths, to deal with the implications of our changed situation.”

Priests are committed and trained to being with persons in times of challenge and change. The clergy staff at St. Wilfrid's would like to hear from members when life changes occur and to help in bringing the faith of the community of the church to bear on making sense of these changes and finding a way forward. 

There are times when one needs to speak to a priest, and other times when parishioners can lift one another up in mutual support and care. Our Care Team seeks to connect each member in a circle of continued care. Members are encouraged to share their joys and concerns with one another. This is part of knitting ourselves together as the household of God and offering Christian care.

If you are in need of or are interested in learning more about Pastoral Care or the Care Team at St. Wilfrid's, please contact a member of the clergy via e-mail or call the church office at 714.962.7512. Care Team questions may be directed to the Rev. Nancy Sinclair, Care Team director, at or Karen Thornton at