Pipe Organ Project

We have so many incredible blessings at St. Wilfrid’s.  One of them is our rich music program, which features a key musical instrument: our pipe organ!  Because of the talents of our organists and other musicians, the worship life of St. Wilfrid’s has become known for its outstanding music, much of which is piped through our 70-year-old Moller pipe organ.  When the parish built our current sanctuary in 1992, the company, that we hired to build an organ, unexpectedly declared bankruptcy. Fr. Charles Sacquety and long-time parishioner Wendell Ballantyne, through both imagination and determination, found our current organ, embarked on a multi-day road trip to pick-up the organ, and installed it in our new sanctuary.  This beautiful instrument has served us well for over 1,800 services, supporting both the choir and congregation in singing praise to God.  Our seventy-year-old pipe organ has worked hard for us and is now ready for a major renewal.  A $140,000 pipe organ revitalization proposal has been approved by the vestry and includes the following:

             ►  Replacement of the control system

             ►  Updates to the console

             ►  Cleaning of the pipe chambers

             ►  Updates to digital voices

             ►  Repairs and restoration of pipework as needed


Over the past several years, it has become clear that there are limits to the heroic efforts made to keep our pipe organ operating.  In order to once again use the organ to its full potential, aging parts and outdated software need to be updated or replaced. Will you help us continue the strong tradition of beautiful organ music at St. Wilfrid’s?



The Rev. Nathan Biornstad


The Rev. William Wells

Associate & Minister of Music


Mr. Kirt Smoot

Senior Warden

Mrs. Debbi Campana

Junior Warden

Pipe Organ Project - Donation

Our Adopt-a-Stop program will allow everyone to participate at whatever level you feel most comfortable.  Donations to the Pipe Organ Project can be made here on our website, placed in the offering plate (please write “Organ Restoration Fund” on the check or offering envelope) or sent to the church office.  We ask that the total gift be completed within one year from the initial commitment.

English Tuba                                        Trompette                                   Viole

$50,000                                               $5,000                                         $500


Harmonic Trumpet                             Oboe                                            Flute

$30,000                                               $2,500                                          $300


Principal                                               Vox Humana                               Mixture

$10,000                                               $1,000                                          $150