BAPTISMS and confirmations

The clergy and staff welcome you to the sacred journey of Baptism. We welcome all baptismal candidates and their families along with Godparents into this community of faith, and are dedicated to providing the formation, guidance, and inspiration to help you live out the Christian life in community. 

Baptism is the sacrament by which new Christians are bonded to Christ and to Christ's Church. Through Baptism, each person begins a new life within the Christian Community. In the baptism of an infant or child, parents and Godparents make a commitment on behalf of the child to be a member of Christ's Church. It is ideal that parents continue to enter into the life and worship of the Christian community so that the meaning of Baptism can be conveyed to children and sustained as the child grows up. 

Baptisms are scheduled on special Sundays throughout the year (Easter, Pentecost, All Saints' Day, and the Feast of the Baptism of our Lord). They take place during the regular Sunday services, when the whole congregation is present to receive the newly baptized into the household of God. Private baptisms are not customary. 

If you are interested in Baptism, please contact the office at (714) 962-7512 or email Fr. Steve at

Confirmation signifies a mature affirmation of faith of a baptized person. In the Episcopal Church, the laying on of hands by the bishop outwardly signifies the inward and spiritual grace that comes with a confident profession of belief in the living, Triune God.