St. Wilfrid’s is a Christian community seeking to know and unconditionally share God’s unfailing love.

We are a community.

  • A comfortable, safe, authentic place
  • Open and affirming
  • Caring and real
  • We gather together
  • You are welcome, just as you are.  

We seek discovery.

  • Listening, guiding, processing
  • Questioning, doubting, exploring
  • Conversing, communicating, celebrating
  • Dialoging, challenging, accepting.  

We share with one another.

  • Fresh ideas about faith and families
  • Our experiences and ideas
  • A spirit of abundance and love
  • A passion for Jesus
  • A desire to empower and equip each other
    and the world to do good

We have a purpose.

  • To offer acceptance and belonging
  • To connect with people
  • To repair relationships, experience reconciliation and cooperation
  • To spiritually nurture; discerning gifts & building character along the way
  • To serve Jesus and to serve others through the giving of ourselves