The Vestry is the functional board of the parish, and serves to manage the parish finances and parish buildings, along with overseeing the leadership and representation of the parish. St. Wilfrid's Vestry operates under a commission system, with Vestry members serving in various roles that guide the life of our parish. If you are interested in the work of a particular commission, or in getting to know more about St. Wilfrid's from one of our elected leaders, please do not hesitate to approach a Vestry Member.

St. Wilfrid's 2021 Vestry Commissions

A.J. Wilson (Senior Warden) - Chair: Executive; Finance and Budget

Connie Hornyak (Junior Warden) - Chair: Children, Youth and Families; Executive

Carol Cherpes (Clerk) - Executive

Jeff Eichinger (Treasurer) - Chair: Finance and Budget; Executive; Building and Grounds

Debbi Campana - Chair: Preschool

Lin Callaghan - Preschool

Marcia Cray - Children, Youth and Families

Jim O'Connell - Building and Grounds

Kirsty Mackintosh- Chair: Outreach

Larry Garcia - Outreach

Suzanna Byrne - Chair: Hospitality and Community Engagement

Steven Nadolny - Chair: Building and Grounds

Stewart Lumb (Non-vestry) - Chair: Stewardship and Development